Plants and People Africa

Plants and People Africa
A Charity Registered in England No 06488911


A charity enabling the monitoring and management of bio-diversity  in Africa

The continued generosity of  everyone never fails to move us. Without their help we would be unable to persue our research at such a level.

We are indebted to them all. Ros Franklin continues to support us at is at present organising a group of artists to recreate the beauty of the flora of Botswana through a series of paintings based on the pressed plants held at Kew and Roger’s photographs.

Michael and Cordelia Ashworth have purchased a high-power desk-top computer to help Roger in the processing of his images.

Gavin Ford of Africa Inscribed has provided a black plate for the photographing of aquatic plants.

Lucy Brundage of the Gutgsell Family Foundation in Illinois has provided 500$US. The Foundation works in conservation education. She has promised funds in future rounds of giving.

David Mote has offered support in kind to produce an ‘App’ for phones, I-pads etc.

Marjorie Devries donated 40$US.

Michael and Carol Linn donated 1000$US for scientific equipment.

Ann and Harvey Meares donated £50 for extra help to Bana ba Letsatsi orphanage.

Hanky Cureton donated  £40.