Our Objectives in Botswana

To produce information and material and develop tools to enable the monitoring and management of bio-diversity in the Okavango Delta.

To achieve this we will:-

(1) Carry out a plant inventory of the Delta area, collect and photograph specimens.

(2) Supply fully documented plant specimens to Kew, Botswana National Museum, The University of Botswana Herbarium, Okavango Research Institute  and Botswana National College of  Agriculture

(3) Collect detailed information on local uses (medicinal, food, etc) of the plant species, and local names

(4) Produce an interactive checklist and field-guide on the Okavango flora for use by conservation agencies, tourism operators and researchers active in the area

(6) Make seed collections in support of the Millennium Bio-diversity Initiative (MBI)

(7) Introduce simple methods of plant identification in the field to the Department of Wildlife and National Parks  staff involved in conservation activities, and to tourist guides in order to improve the standard of guiding in the area.

How you can help

All the flora on our planet is of critical importance to the welfare of the diverse world in which we live and PAPA relies on the generosity of its supporters to continue it’s work.

Our Donors

The continued generosity of  everyone never fails to move us. Without their help we would be unable to persue our research at such a level.

We are indebted to them all.

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£2  buys enough papers to press plants for a season's collecting or a DVD for backing up computer files.

£45 buys a plant press for the collection process.

£60 collects a plant.

£900 provides a microscope.

£10,000 funds a water-borne collecting expedition into remote and difficult areas.

£25,000 per year for three years funds a post-graduate research scholarship for an African student.

Help to conserve the Okavango

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Roger and Alison Heath have both been awarded the MBE by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in her jubilee honours list.

They were granted this honour for services to botany and conservation. They will be given their awards in November of this year.

Roger and Alison have spent over ten years researching the flora of Botswana, much of it at their own cost.

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